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Death Note / Watchmen Rorschach Centric Fan Fiction

I feel kind of silly posting something I've written here, almost like I'm unworthy. Please be gentle with me.

Title: Another Note
Fandom: DeathNote/Watchmen
Continuity: *insert blank look here*
Characters: Rorschach, Ryuk
Rating: PG

A/N: Filled for the Watchmen Kink Meme Prompt of Rorschach finding the Death Note and returning it. Do plan to fill the other Kink of Dan finding it and using it.

Part 1 : kovacshyuuga.livejournal.com/568.html
Part 2 : http://kovacshyuuga.livejournal.com/825.html
Part 3 : http://kovacshyuuga.livejournal.com/1075.html

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